Truly out of this Earth – A slice of a moon rock meteorite that is selling for $250,000

How about the piece of the moon for a collectible? Well, before you think that the lockdown has got us speaking gibberish, here’s news on the sale of the most desirable meteorite on planet earth- the elusive Northwest Africa 5000! Discovered in the year 2007 in the Sahara Desert, the rock is unlike anything that researchers have seen before and (a part of) it could now be yours for a whopping $250,000.

Also dubbed as ‘The Perigee’, a piece of the NWA 500 is currently available on sale with RR auctions. It is sized at 9.5” x 8.5” x 0.3” and weighs close to 1.5 pounds and contains metal that’s roughly 4.5 billion years old. The larger-than-life lunar rock forms part of 7 slices carved out of the parent meteorite, with the latest being carefully examined and preserved for its future owner.

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The lunar slice further comes with a custom Pelican case, a safe deposit box insert, a metal ID tag, and a certificate of authenticity from the Von Hupé Planetary Collection. It is one of the last pieces of NWA 500 on sale, with the remaining six currently being in the possession of wealthy business tycoons from across the world. According to RR auctions, the special moon rock requires “no special care other than that of security” in addition to a heavy bank balance of course! Care to own a slice of the moon?

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