The country of Uzbekistan is now lobbying the EU to lift sanctions imposed on oligarch Alisher Usmanov, their richest and most famous citizen

So important is Putin’s favorite businessman, Alisher Usmanov, that for the first time, a country, Uzbekistan, is appealing to lift sanctions imposed on a sanctioned tycoon. The Uzbekistan-born super-rich billionaire worth $16 billion was among 26 Russians hit with EU sanctions. For many, it simply means he may be unable to relax on his megayacht, $600 million Dilbar, or entertain officials at his idyllic Rottach-Egern am Tegernsee villa. For Uzbekistan, the meaning is reasonably distinct and completely different.

Alisher’s prized Dilbar megayacht has been seized in Germany since March.Via Lurssen

Usmanov has dual Russian and Uzbek citizenship and continues to keep close ties with his birth country. FT journalist Marc Filippino clarified Tashkent’s position in the newspaper’s podcast, “Uzbek officials argue the sanctions have restricted the billionaire’s ability to invest some of his fortune in his birth country,” he reported. “The EU does want closer ties with Uzbekistan, but there’s concern that lifting sanctions against Usmanov could open up a debate about lifting sanctions on other Russian oligarchs with dual citizenship.”

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Along with Dilbar, Usmanov also owns the 365 feet long Alaiya superyacht. The vessel has its location transponders switched off and has been in hiding since the start of the Ukraine invasion.Via Lurssen

Financial Times also stated the central Asian country is also providing legal assistance to Usmanov for a potential court challenge against Brussels if the bloc rejects the requests to have the restrictions lifted. Uzbekistan’s embassy said in a statement, “Alisher Usmanov is one of Uzbekistan’s most famous citizens. His actions serve as an example, and his generosity and the good faith are an object of admiration for our compatriots. It is difficult to identify areas in which Mr. Usmanov has not helped his homeland.”

In September , German police had raided the Bavarian villa of Mr Usmanov on suspect of money laundering.

A spokesperson for Usmanov said: “We cannot comment on the actions of the Uzbek government, but sanctions are indeed hampering investment and charity projects.” According to Forbes, the Facebook investor donated over $2.6 billion to causes such as healthcare and education.

Interestingly, Alisher Usmanov’s sister Saodat Narzieva was removed from the EU sanctions list in September.

Will Uzbekistan succeed in bringing Russian magnate Alisher Usmanov’s glory-filled days back?
Alisher Usmanov has developed a reputation for being a philanthropist. Still, in recent months the world has only endlessly discussed his magnific luxury yachts, his multi-million properties, and all the priceless objects found inside. German investigators confiscated rare paintings worth $5 million from the billionaire’s seized 464-footer Dilbar. The German police also found four fake yet expensive Faberge eggs inside his lavish villa at Tegernsee lake in the southern state of Bavaria. If Uzbekistan succeeds in lifting sanctions, Usmanov will be able to invest ‘as much money as he can’ in the nation while also winning his incredible assets back. The mining tycoon filed an appeal at the EU’s General Court on April 29, asking the bloc’s second-highest tribunal to suspend the sanctions. It fell on deaf ears as the courts turned him down making it impossible to get his seized $800 million megayacht Dilbar back.

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