Germany has seized the world’s biggest superyacht – Owned by oligarch Alisher Usmanov’s sister the $600 million Dilbar yacht is more than three times the length of an Olympic swimming pool, it has two helipads, a garden, a crew of 100, and costs around $800,000 just to refuel.

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If Russia is known for its vodka, wealthy Russians are known for their extravagant superyachts. Among the world’s leading megayachts in terms of size, amenities, and value are Roman Abramovich’s Solaris and Eclipse and Russian steel giant Alisher Usmanov’s Dilbar. While Abramovich is doing his best to save his ships from seizure and has the $600 million megayacht Solaris on the run again, Usmanov has failed to do so.

Via – Lurssen

As per Forbes, German authorities of the Federal Criminal Police Office in the port of Hamburg captured the nearly $600 million yacht Dilbar. An investigation into “offshore concealment” of the early Facebook investor Usmanov found the owner of 500 feet long Dilbar to be Usmanov’s sister, Gulbakhor Ismailova.

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The Dilbar yacht is just humungous. Via – Instagram – dilbaryacht_official

Unfortunately for the wealthy siblings, the EU sanctions lists include Alisher Usmanov’s sister, Gulbakhor Ismailova, who owns an Airbus A340-300 jet and a helicopter (transferred by her brother). According to Forbes, the 63-year-old Russian-Uzbek citizen Ismailova also owns three villas in Arzachena on the Italian island of Sardinia worth a collective $26.5 million; homes and land in the Croatian coastal town of Drače worth $5.6 million; and a $620,500 apartment in Jūrmala, Latvia.

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The Dilbar superyacht was undoubtedly the crowning glory of her assets. With 3,800 square meters of living space for 24 guests, this mammoth of the seas packs a vast 100-foot swimming pool, the largest indoor pool ever installed on a yacht. The fourth-longest ship in the world requires a crew of 100 for its upkeep and a whole lot of moolah. The sumptuous sea-faring megayacht has a total fuel capacity of 1,000,049 liters. The massive tanks of Dilbar superyacht cost a mind-boggling $783,822 for one re-fuel. The electric-diesel hybrid cruiser is the fourth luxury vessel built by Lürssen to be seized.

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Alisher Usmanov

One of Russia’s leading billionaires, worth $17.9 billion, Alisher Usmanov owes most of his wealth to metal and mining operations and investments. In addition to being the majority shareholder of Metalloinvest, Usmanov owns the Kommersant publishing house. The 68-year-old business magnate is also a co‑owner of Russia’s second-largest mobile telephone operator, MegaFon.

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