Vodka Iordanov: Swarovski studded premium vodka bottle

The dazzling Swarovski crystals have whittled their way up from a mobile phone to an Umbrella, and there’s no stopping its encroachment. This time, we found them studded around Iodanov Vodka, in several 14,000 multi-faceted Swarovski crystals. The gorgeous, 1-liter bottle retails for $4253. If you are looking for something less swanky, perhaps you wouldn’t mind considering the 1-liter Iordanov vodka bottle studded with 600 Swarovski crystals that retail for $107. The vodka gives off a mild, aromatic flavor achieved from the Northern European Islands’ fine wheat and crystal clear waters. Thankfully, the bottle is unbreakable; hence, we could expect an unusually long life for the Swarovski crystals’ craftsmanship and brilliance.

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