So bright you will need sunglasses – A Rolls Royce covered in four million Swarovski crystal takes over the streets of London

Emblazoned cars are a rarity but not an impossible feat. Proving this as true is a Rolls Royce that recently glided down the streets of Rusholme, marking a sparkling end to Eid celebrations. The luxury car came doused in several crystals- 4 million to be precise, all while locking those present at the venue in a mesmerizing gaze.

The crystal-encrusted Rolls-Royce was apparently out on a ride in Manchester as part of Eid al-Fitr celebrations. In marking the end of Ramadan, the car shimmered its way down Rusholme’s main street on Tuesday and Wednesday night, while crowds stood stunned watching its glory. In addition to the flocks of ordinary people, the police present at the venue too couldn’t help but gawk at the beauty and snap it on their phones. While a fleet of luxury vehicles rowed down the plush street that day, it was undoubtedly the crystal-covered Rolls Royce that stood out the most.

Earlier in the years, Rolls Royce has also introduced a variant embellished in, 1 million Swarovski crystals, however, the might wheel at Rusholme is a far cry with a total of 4 million crystals on them. In the past, Mercedes too has unveiled its glittering versions such as the Diamond covered Mercedes SL Class as also the Swarovski-studded Mercedes CLS350. The Rolls Royce Ghost of recent fame is valued at $3,02,653 and is also available on rent for $445 via event rental website Poptop. Talk about being bedazzled by cars!

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