Gold-plated Airnergy Avant Garde is jazzed up with Swarovski crystals to enhance well-being

Everyone wants to look younger, and while many make an effort to have a healthy lifestyle with the right food and exercises, some ladies like to have it the easier way out with anti-aging cosmetics. Companies are putting in large amounts of money for their research and development, and holistic, cosmetic producers Airnergy is one such classic example. Alongside its recent launch of the Airnergy Basis Plus and Avant Garde, the award-winning company is furnished with various designs in health technology. Its bestseller is the Airnergy-Avant-Garde Version “Cristal,” which it claims can get the user to have an inside feeling of the filigree respiratory technique and costs 6,500 Euros ($9200). The techniques have also reached the Middle East, and an Emirate client ordered a special Avant-Garde design. The exclusive product was 24 carat gold-plated and jeweled with close to 4,400 Swarovski crystals at the cost of 9,800 Euros (about $14,000).

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As for Quote Guido Bierther, founder of the Airnergy Group, explains: “Using Airnergy, our clients in the Emirates bring the air out of forests, from mountainous regions and seaside-resorts with its increased potential of natural energy into the desert, so to say. Because, at long last, the air coming out of air conditioners cannot be good for health, and for our health, nothing is more important than the light and the air”.
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