World’s First Spaceport in New Mexico will cost $31 million

Hold on your future holiday plans……as 2008 is touted as “The Year of the Spaceship.” Well, it’s not that you can go on an out-of-this-world journey in 2008, but the construction for the world’s first Spaceport will begin then. The design project for the terminal and hangar facilities at the New Mexico-based Spaceport America was announced on September 4, 2007. And the winning proposal came from the design and architectural team of U.K.-based Foster & Partners and U.S.-based URS Corporation. Congratulations! Many terms have gone into describing this project like “futuristic,” “organic shape,” “spectacular but very environmentally efficient landmark,” “breathtaking but also practical,” and “low-lying.” But all I can utter is WOW! And what’s more Wowing is that he terminal and hangar facility are projected to cost about $31 million! The facilities include areas for airplanes and spaceships, along with customer training facilities, a mission control centers, public viewing areas, and passenger lounges. The structure will use passive energy for heating and cooling and photovoltaic panels for electricity and water recycling. The terminal hall will have 50-foot ceilings and large windows facing the runway.

When complete, it will serve as the primary operating base for Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic suborbital spaceliner, and also as the headquarters for the New Mexico Spaceport Authority. Since the Completion is expected in late 2009 or early 2010, we have enough time to put together our funds.

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