Ardbeg Galileo is launched to mark the world’s first space whiskey milestone

Ardberg is in the process of maturing the world’s first whiskey in space at the International Space Station. In a bid to understand the effects of zero gravity on the maturation process, Ardberg teamed up with the International Space Station after they were invited by Texas-based space research company NanoRacks to launch vials of the whiskey into space from Kazakhstan last year. The vials that contain the compound terpene will spend 2 years in space before it will be brought back to study the effects. To celebrate the space whiskey, Ardbeg has launched the Galileo, a whiskey with aromas of spicy toffee notes with hints of tropical fruit, while the taste is sweet and creamy with fudge, smoked apricots, ripe banana and spices coming to the fore, leaving a smoky but sweet finish.

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While this won’t be the first time a consumable product is being manufactured in space, the whiskey-space experiment will surely give us a new and unimagined taste in the next year when the vials are back.
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