A $1 million stay at the first space hotel promises out-of-this-world view

Everybody seems to be luring people to take a trip to the moon and back. So after so serious space hunting session if you want to rest and have a proper space holiday in the lap of luxury, Russia seems to be the place to go! A Russian-firm is all set to set up a luxury hotel in orbit 217 miles up with four cabins to house seven guests. You can reach your destination after a two days trip onboard the Soyuz rocket to reach the Commercial Space Station. So even getting there will be fun! Due to open by 2016, the Commercial Space Station will sport huge windows that show you’re the Earth orbiting below.

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You can opt for a vertical or horizontal bed depending on weightlessness, and the showers will be sealed to ensure water doesn’t flow out. With an accompanying seasoned crew onboard, you can expect ready to eat food “prepared on Earth and sent upon the rocket, to be reheated in microwave ovens”.
You can have a drink of iced tea, mineral water, or fruit juices; however, alcohol will be strictly prohibited. Toilets will use flowing air for water removal, and water and air will be recycled too.
It won’t be a cheap vacation with a five-day stay package being charged at £100,000($164,150) and an added £500,000($820,700) for making it there.

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