EADS has design on Space Plane for Tourism

Remember we told you how taking a trip to high heavens to experience Zero Gravity seems to be the latest calling. Well after the idea became a hit here, European company EADS feels the need to do something for the rich tourists out there. They are coming out with a spaceplane that will give the travelers the ultimate thrill ride! The Astrium division of the company has been “quietly designing a vehicle that looks like a business jet with exceptionally long wings and a rocket engine powered by liquid methane and liquid oxygen.” Apparently, the spacecraft has two conventional jet engines that help the plane to climb to 12 kilometers in altitude before its rocket engine ignites, powering the vehicle to the 100-kilometer strata and giving passengers one and one-half minutes of near-zero-gravity experience.

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A round trip will last about 90 minutes and the plane will carry four passengers and a pilot. The catch is of course the price. Be ready to shell out about 200,000 euros ($267,000) for a trip to space.

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