Richard Mille’s Planetarium-Tellurium

I always feel that the stars, moon and planets hold many secrets locked inside and one day hopefully we will find the key and understand their untold stories. Whimsical as this may sound, but there is something that is out there that draws us to it. Maybe that’s what inspired Richard Mille to construct the Planetarium-Tellurium, a device that gives you loads of info on the Sun, Moon, Earth, Mercury and Venus. The device is capable of telling you the current axis of the Earth; it’s position relative to the Sun, the rotation of the Moon, as well as the positions of Venus and Mercury among other things. Unfortunately it does not include info on all the planets. The device doubles up as an extremely sophisticated clock and perpetual calendar, which can even tell the current signs of the Zodiac. The planetarium-tellurium is wound with a lever system, and it has a power reserve of 15 days.

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Richard Mille took the help of eminent astronomer-physicist to help with all of the calculations that were needed to accurately represent the movements into a mechanical system. The least precise calculation is the current axis of the Earth, which can get off by plus or minus 1° every 7.7 years. And the most stable calculation is that of the rotation of the Earth around the Sun, which should be accurate within 1° for up to 2 million years. Apparently this clock will go commercial, though the details are still sketchy.
The Planetarium’s astronomic representations and indications are as follows:
– Rotation of the earth on its axis
– Rotation of the earth around the sun
– Obliquity of the earth
– Rotation of the moon on its axis
– Rotation of the moon around the earth
– Phases of the moon
– Equation of time
– Mercury
– Venus
– Sun
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