Themed Bedrooms for $99,000

We always bad-name kids when they throw a tantrum for something not-needed item. But do we realize that it’s the parents who need to be blamed for pampering them with out-of-this-world stuff most of the time? And naturally, when style, love, and money combine, any parent will fall a victim to the indulgence. Take a look at these fairy-tale themed bedrooms and I’m sure you’d love to snooze-n-dream in one of them too. Then why blame the kiddies? It seems that some Soccer stars have suggested such designs for their children’s rooms from Mark Wilkinson Furniture. This Cinderella themed particularly, complete with handcrafted carriage- shaped beds and hand-painted murals, is my favorite. The carriage for the Cinderella-themed room is completely handcrafted and the bed alone costs for a whopping $47,600. The room has a walk-in the wardroom to offer. Sir Galahad-themed room with wooden swords carved into the bed, and a Tom Thumb-themed room, with oversized furniture, including a $2,500 bed and $1,666 oak pirate’s chest for boys, are some other designs for the kid’s rooms.

However, Mr. Wilson refrained from giving the names of his clients! Any guesses for which soccer players wouldn’t mind spilling out $99,000 for a complete bedroom?