Caviar, lobster, salmon, crab and more @ £9,000 annually – Being a cat has its purr-ks!

British Banquet, made from the choicest British produce, contains Arenkha caviar, locally-sourced Devon crab, line-caught salmon from Scotland, hand-caught lobster from Norfolk, quinoa, organic asparagus, and saffron – Wait, that’s not what you’re going to eat, it’s what your cat is going to devour! Termed as the ‘poshest’ cat foot, this luxury tin of goodies for your feline friend will burn a whopping £ 249.99 hole in your pocket for a mere 2 kg bag, working out to roughly £ 10 per 85-gram tin.

Exorbitant compared to an average can of Sheba cat food that costs just 50p, this food swapping will cost around £ 750 each month, translating to £ 9,000 per annum. As per the Office for National Statistics figures, this amount is more than double the average food and beverage expense of a typical Brit family.
Reports by Plymouth Herald confirm that this premium cat food is free of GM, additives, preservatives, and artificial colors. Green Pantry, who took two years to develop British Banquet cat food, assure that it tastes amazing and is safe for human consumption too!

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Green Pantry’s Simon Booth says that this limited-edition premium cat food is created on-demand from VIPs, celebrities, CEOs, and other such loaded pet owners who can easily afford to “treat their cats to the finer things in life”. However, apart from this luxury product, Green Pantry also has an extensive range of affordable and delectable holistic foods for cats and dogs alike.
Booth assures that the price is worth it due to the buffet of nutritional benefits offered – particularly Green Pantry’s unique Pura-Pel herbal pre-mix that helps naturally control intestinal and external hygiene.

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While Green Pantry’s regular pet food products are stocked by various pet shops and stores across the UK, British Banquet is only available on special prior orders placed through the company’s website. This is primarily because the food is highly exclusive and the ingredients cost a bomb, as a result of which mass production is not feasible at the moment.

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