Dogs fly in leather seats alongside their owners on a chartered private jet

If your pooch is the love of your life, and you can’t leave your precious pet behind during vacations, not can to bear to see them confined to cages in the cargo of a plane have something to rejoice about. Nope, commercial airliners are not warming up to the idea of letting your pooch fly with you, but the service is up for grabs courtesy of Victor – a private jet charter company. For a neat £1,250 (about $2,000) per seat, your well-groomed dog can sit in his own leather-upholstered seats next to you. The owner will have to shell out the same amount for his own ticket too!

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The company can arrange for treats and toys and Paris Hilton will be certainly glad to know that very small pets fly for free.
As the dog service is officially launched this week, Clive Jackson, the founder of Victor states, ‘A happy dog makes a happy owner.’
Moreover with the changed rule in UK that all dogs and cats can come and go into the country without quarantine time if they have a valid passport makes trips to the nation using this service all the more desirable.

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