Ford’s special doghouse with noise-canceling keeps the pooches stress-free during fireworks

We are just a couple of days away from the new year’s eve and most of us can’t wait to begin partying. However, the new year’s eve isn’t the most enjoyable time for our four-legged friends, all because of the loud fireworks. If you’ve ever been a dog owner in your life, you must have witnessed how anxious and afraid they get around fireworks. After all, their hearing range is thrice as much as humans and fireworks or similar thunderous noises tend to trigger their nervous systems. Ford has come up with something that can help the pooches experience a stress-free new year’s eve, and a 4th of July, while you can enjoy the celebratory fireworks. It’s a special kind of dog kennel that uses noise-canceling technology to filter out loud noises that can scare the furry babies.

The Ford Quiet Kennel prototype uses noise-canceling technology that is used in some Ford cars, including the Edge crossover and Fusion sedan, to keep the cabin quite. The system works similar to the technology used in noise-canceling headphones – it has external microphones that pick up the sound of fireworks or other loud noises and the speakers inside emit an opposing frequency that cancels out the harsh sounds. In addition to that, the kennel is partially made of cork which further aids sound absorption. Unfortunately, the doghouse is still a concept and is not going to go on sale anytime soon.


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