Guinea Pigs Fashion collection for furry pet rodents

I love Guinea pigs, and no, it’s not because I work at some medical testing lab. I find them cute, and these furry rodents take very little living space, which suits me! And if you are one of those people who wish that they could dress up their pet guinea pigs just like dogs now can have their dream come true. A Japanese company has now set up an online shop where you can pick up clothes for your furry friends. The outfits include wedding dresses (full with a veil / Tuxedo), tank tops, kimonos, or and accessories such as Straw Hat + Blonde Hair Extension or even Santa hats and coats. Designed by Maki Yamada, the clothes have been prized between £5 and £12 with shipping already commencing for UK-based buyers.

You can get your lady Guinea Pig a Wedding Pink Dress with a Veil , and her partner can be dressed up in Wedding Tuxedo with Base Tank Top, both priced at $18.50.

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Bright and sunny outside, dress it in a $7 Straw Hat with a Blonde Hair Extension.

Or if you want to get a bit adventures, try on the Blue-White Lines Type2/Blue Belt worth $12.50

Or you can just be festive and dress up your furry buddy in a $17.50 Santa Hat and Coat. Don’t forget to photograph them after you dress em up though.

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[Via – Guineapigfashion and Metro]