Millionaire pays $100,000 to fly a pet cat in a private jet from Russia to the U.S.

Whoever said being a pet doesn’t pay off couldn’t have been more wrong. Especially now that we’ve traveled decades ahead, gone are the days where it’s difficult to travel with pets or need to subject them to a rough ride along with the cargo. Thanks to companies like PetAir, ExecuJet, and Blue Star Jets, flying with pets have taken a more luxurious route. A recent traveler enjoys such luxury that too, at what has been considered “inexpensive” at an approx. $100,000 is Marsik, a prized blue British Shorthair. The service provider being, Paramount Business Jets (PBJ), a company known for its fair business practices and exclusive Transparent Private Jet Charter Pricing.

Flying from Russia to the United States, Marsik is said to have experienced the best treatment both before take-off and in-flight. His travel documents, which need to compulsorily include the Veterinary Certificate (health certificate and vaccination) was delivered to him 24 hours before departure, thanks to PBJ’s experienced team.

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Even being a rather finicky customer, only demanding the best, PBJ quite efficiently handled their furry client. Such is the story of opulence.


[Via – Prweb]

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