This studio has designed luxury homes for Hamsters which comes with its own McDonalds

A while ago we made you feel bad about the house you live in when we showed the extravagant house for dogs by Hecate Verona. Now we are back with something similar and even cuter- houses for hamsters! Hamsters are too cute as it is and when you see the series of luxury villas for your hamsters created by Studio ZIT you’re bound to be awww-struck! They’ve designed a series of luxurious residences for hamsters, not just luxury houses, but also multi-level mazes, a valley, and a tiny, hamster-sized McDonalds with seating and a soda fountain, all to hamster scale which makes it incredibly impressive. Pet owners can’t do better than this for their hamsters though their cats and dogs will surely feel cheated and left out for life.

We can’t decide if we like the hamster-sized McDonalds with seating and a soda fountain more or the James Bond-style luxury villa? Studio ZIT has done a great job by turning cages into homes for these adorable pets and any owner will agree on giving their pets a home instead.


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