Why just a cat house? This Japanese firm has created a functional four storey luxury building for cats

If you’re a cat parent and don’t mind pampering your furball silly, here’s what you need to lay your eyes on! The ultimate play toy cum lounge for your kitty – we’re talking about the mega-luxe “cat tower mansion” created by renowned Japanese construction firm – Mitsubishi Estate Residence.

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Designed as a high-rise condo for a cat, the luxurious cat home is created by a team led by cat-lover and licensed architect Akiko Ishimaru. It features a tall scratching strip on one of the exterior walls and a window for your cat to peep out of. On the inside, it features several levels, each boasting a structure of its own.

The ground floor is designed as a bathroom, complete with a litter tray made with special odor-absorbent materials. The second and third levels on the other hand, are a tad more glorious. The former features a garden lounge, with an outside view and a planter for growing pet grass, while the latter is arranged as a living room with a cushy surface and a semi-spherical window.

However, that’s not all! The mega home also comes with a serviceable top surface. It works as an open sleeping area, with a soft bed to laze on. The luxe interior item is currently not offered for sale to the general public, but here’s hoping for that to change soon! Mitsubishi Estate Residence, are you listening?

[Via: SoraNews24]

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