Inventor creates a pricey robo-date who doesn’t complain

If you are too shy to ask a girl out, then it’s time to awaken the geek inside you! Well at least that’s what inventor Le Trung did for Christmas anyway. He made himself the perfect Christmas date, a fembot named Aiko for $48,000! What’s more bizarre is that he even bought her Christmas presents! The 34-year old Le who hails from Brampton, Ontario, Canada, has created is mechanical mate to be so lifelike that she can speak in fluent English and Japanese, cook turkey and also hang up decorations!

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The name of the bot, Aiko means a ‘love-child’ in Japanese. She’s designed to look in her early 20’s and has a 32-23-33 figure. Her artificial intelligence is so brilliantly developed that she can speak up to 13,000 different sentences in the two languages! She has silicon skin and wig created specially by a Japanese doll company. Her body is sensitive to touch and can sense whether she is being stroked gently or tickled, she also slaps when she is squeezed to tight or grabbed. The only glitch is that she doesn’t have smell sense and cannot walk just about yet.