Autofamily house in Poland transforms driveway into an art gallery

Gone are those days when cars were just meant for travel. Automotive design has evolved significantly over the past few years making cars a thing of beauty, and if you happen to own one of the more exclusive machines, why keep them hidden in the confines of the dark garage. A Polish architectural firm, KWK Promes, has designed a single family dwelling incorporating a unique styling philosophy, and if Tony Stark would have been there in real life, he’d probably live in this house.

KWK Promes is credited for designing some of the best architectural structures including the famous Aatrial house, Safe house and Standard house. The construction of the Autofamily house was completed in 2012 and it was designed for a car and art lover. The house features an unusual south-end entrance with a subterranean tunnel that runs under the garden directly into the house. The walls of the tunnel/driveway are decorated with the owner’s prized art collection – making it look like a drive through art gallery.

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The house is separated into two levels and two identical white structures with a gradual slope. The multifunctional stone driveway directly reaches the second level by climbing the hill. The roof of the 990 sq m (10,656 sq ft) mansion is covered with green grass to make it appear as a part of the garden and the natural surroundings.

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