Dubai to get floating villas that can easily sustain the perils of the rising sea level

Climate change is real. But, when you own millions in cash, defeating anything on earth becomes possible, including the eerie effects of global warming. The living testament to this is Dubai, the country that gives birth to bank breaking architectural wonders, well equipped to fight the wrath of nature every passing day.

One of the Emirati land’s new creation is the ‘Amilarah’, a community of 33 villas designed to float on water without making you compromise on your luxuries. Each of these exquisitely buoyed homes are designed to fight rising sea levels by being elevated according to the proportional increase in sea levels. The spectacular villas also come with a swimming pool complete with a patio, trees, and landscaping and can be accessed via seaplanes or water boats.

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If stats are to be believed, sea levels could rise by 3 feet in the coming years, thus threatening to flood a major chunk of land in Dubai. Artificial islands like Amilarah thus are the saving grace of the day. Set to commence towards the end of the month, the luxury residential project will be overseen by developer Dutch Docklands. But like any lavish property in the country, these high-tech homes will set you back by a whopping 23 million dollars each! If you have that kind of money to spare, get yourself one of these luxe villas that promise to last you a 100 years plus!

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