From Princess Leia themed-rooms, Darth Vader in arcade zones, a theatre, and laser tag throughout the estate, this $11.5 million Star Wars-themed mansion in Florida is a geeks paradise.

We have been enamored by a $26.5 million luxury mansion in Los Angeles that came with a 5,000 sq. feet Star-Wars-inspired basement, thinking nothing could come close to this as an ode to the most incredible series ever. I am delighted to be proven mistaken by the outstanding Florida mansion stretching 18,000 square feet and located in Reunion Resort in Kissimmee. The images listed below will help you understand that every star wars themed home, room or nook you saw before may have been good, but this is true greatness achieved! Obi-Wan Kenobi said in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, “Your eyes can deceive you; don’t trust them,” and it may feel that way too, but only because such creativity can boggle your mind making you doubt its reality. The newly constructed property is listed for sale for a staggering $11.5 million, which a true blue Star Wars fan will happily pay to live in this mecca of Star Wars. Explore the images below to be blown away:

Built specifically for a Star Wars crazy family, this home spreads across 18,000 square feet and flaunts 15-bedroom and 19-bathrooms.

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What you see above is the hallway starring Darth Vader in a central role, waiting upon entry.

The home has two kid-friendly themed bunk bedrooms that sleep up to 12. And that’s not even the most spectacular aspect. This house was built for optimal laser tag throughout the estate, making it an irresistible pad for a Star Wars geek.

This Star Wars-themed room is complete with bunk beds, Chewbacca figures, Stormtroopers, and Baby Yoda. Assuming that there is another Princess Leia theme room, this is probably intended for boys.

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Princess Leia-themed room is undoubtedly one of the quaintest areas in the mansion. It comes with a life-size Han Solo figurine in one nook and a tiny baby Yoda in another.

Han solo makes yet another appearance in the walkway of the house, frozen in carbonite.

According to nypost, the third-floor hidden loft area is packed with a kids’ theatre and a video game area. A big Darth Vader mannequin stands at the door to welcome you in.

The home also features common areas like the kitchen, outdoor activities like a swimming pool, spa, and sauna. Inside, the designers have made another world with amenities like a basketball court, golf simulator, an arcade, a gym, and two full-length bowling alleys.

[Reunion Realty Via: New York Post]

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