Get a home in the world’s first floating city with prices between $25,000 for a studio and $1.5 billion for a signature estate mansion

Do you fancy living in the world’s first floating city? It’s now possible if you hold anything between $20,000 to $1.5 billion in your pocket. The human-made Blue Estate Island is a gorgeous new development in the Caribbean Sea, offering people everything from a ring level studio apartment to mega-mansions. The human-made island was built from scratch using -high-performance’ concrete modules measuring 4921ft by 3280ft in total, which equals an area half the size of Monaco. This floating city will be home to more than 15,000 permanent residents, numerous businesses, schools, and hospitals. Let’s take a look at what’s inside the dream-home of the future?

The Blue Estate homes go on sale today until 2022, with full completion expected in 2025. If all goes as planned, some properties will be available for hand-over by 2023.

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Living in such a dream-like setup can be a beautiful reality for everyone as they offer studio apartments for $20,000 and opulent mega-mansion for nearly a billion or more.

The island is flanked by beautiful facades and water bodies, keeping the island life vibe intact. They have used high-performance concrete modules for the same.

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The floating homes offer ample areas to lounge and rejuvenate and are a short trip away from Miami and the Bahamian Islands.

The outside walls measure over 160ft, will ‘dwarf the ocean’s biggest waves,’ making the estate safe from the water body’s wild currents.

According to the developers, the floating city will be powered using renewable sources to maintain a negative CO2 output.

A great sense of community will prevail in the city where people can come together at parks, business centers, international schools, clinics, etc.

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