In a striking contrast to Kim Kardashian, who splurges thousands on grey paint for her cars, Kanye West, fed up with the drab grey of his Malibu mansion walls, is now offloading his $57 million property at a bargain price.

The one thing rapper Kanye West isn’t feeling is grey, which explains why the Yeezy mogul is selling his $57 million Malibu beachfront property for $53 million. The man, known for several oddities, stated matter-of-factly that the dull cement walls of the home he purchased in September 2021 were “too gray” for his liking. That confession is perhaps one of the most sensible things he has said in a long time. The father of four decided to sell the home, designed by Japanese architect Tadao Ando, before the renovations were completed, according to The Daily Mail Online.

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Unsurprisingly, the 46-year-old ripped out walls, doors, windows, and plumbing to create an even more brutal aesthetic, leaving the 4,000-square-foot home a bare, characterless shell and then listed it for $4 million less. A source said: “Ye prefers earth tones, muddy colors from silt to loam but never too cold and nothing visually draining like clay. Architects and designers working for Ye have in the past been dispatched to collect soil samples from the UK, France, and elsewhere as color references for his iconic looks. Unfortunately, the concrete settled into more of a cadet gray, and he was hoping for a warmer tone, more of a dovetail gray or coachman’s cape.”

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The source added, “Ye would only visit the house at sunrise and sunset, when he said the color didn’t irritate him so much. Eventually, he stopped going altogether.” It seems Ye has given up on his initial plans to have a den deprived of electricity, where the only decorations are plants and only candles for ambiance. His dream of living in an open and dark space will have to wait now that he may be richer by $53 million. According to The Sun, Kanye and Bianca are reportedly living in a $12,000-per-month apartment in Los Angeles amid the sale.

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Ex-wife Kim Kardashian, a fan of homes that look like the one West listed, could be an apt potential buyer. Her California mansion has a similar lackluster, mausoleum-like look. A lover of subtle space, she even spent a fortune turning her Lamborghini Urus, Rolls-Royce Ghost, and Mercedes-Maybach sedan into the same shade of matte grey to blend in with the house.

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