25 of these humungous towers are envisioned to dominate the Dubai skyline. They will save the city from dust storms and even clear the air

Dubai is the land of razzle-dazzle and all things fabulous, which makes us forget it is also a desert with dust and sandstorms. Kalbod Design Studio has unveiled an absorbent Sandstorm Skyscraper that comes with the double advantage of making the skyline look stellar while proving to be a sustainable structural solution to Dubai’s naturally occurring sandstorms. The Tehran-based design studio has planned an impressive series of monumental towers that clean the air. Twenty-five curved glass structures will catch harmful dust particles and neutralize them, leaving residents with pristine weather conditions.

It will also help reduce energy consumption and double as a research base for providing better solutions against dust storms. Every tower comes with two gaping cavities that absorb soil particles through magnetism, terminating their electrical charges. To make the most of these sustainable structures, the design team imagined the towers to be embedded with sand batteries to store energy for several months and be used even in other regional buildings.

‘Our ultimate goal is to create a multi-functional area centered on scientific research, and each tower will be dedicated to a specific position. The zoning will include residential use and research institutes for physics, aerospace, technology, biology, and medicine,’ noted the team at Kalbod Design Studio. The 25 buildings will be placed in a zigzag formation by Dubai’s main routers, where the storms occur the most.

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