Only in Dubai – Car windows modified to look like live Aquariums – Video

There is no doubt that Dubai is obsessed with luxury cars and crazy customizations. Be it the Dubai police department’s own fleet of luxury cars that will even shame some of the richest people on this earth, or the endless torrent of gilded uber-expensive whips, we thought we had seen it all. But Dubai just doesn’t stop surprising us. Taste in car modifications is purely subjective, and we generally don’t like the ones that are too flashy or ostentatious, but this one by far is the most intriguing customization we have seen — at least recently. Few YouTube videos surfaced a few days back which show some Dubai cars that have windows that display aquarium scenes. “In Dubai three cars roll up. Drivers get out and their windows start displaying aquarium scenes!” reads a description along one of the videos.

YouTube video

Judging the videos, we can’t exactly tell what modifications were made to the cars to convert the windows into displays. In fact it has baffled everybody, but Jalopnik is pretty sure that there is projector used in the car that’s playing those scenes on some sort of a tinted film applied on the windows. We don’t think any form of augmented reality displays are in use here, but nevertheless, this display system is definitely interesting.

YouTube video

[Via – Jalopnik]

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