This $56 million Los Angeles Home is shaped like an airplane propeller

Architecture too is art and while most artists take inspiration from nature or the wonders of the earth, one particular architect saw its muse in an airplane propeller. Yup, that’s right. Being motivated by an aircraft component, designer Zoltan Pali created a one-of-its-kind home in Los Angeles that is now set to be sold for a whopping $56 million.

The luxurious residence is spread across 18,800 square feet and consists of three wings extending like blades onto the lot. It consists of five bedrooms on the upper floor along with a large and almost unbelievably decked up living space on the ground level that further extends down to a wellness area is in the basement. There’s also a separate guest house on the side which comes with a total of four bedrooms. Other amenities include a wine room that fits around 1,000 bottles, a cedar sauna, a home theater, a gym and an automation system, an outdoor kitchen with two outdoor fire pits and a LED-lit pool and spa.

The entire property has been completed over a span of four years. It was first acquired by developer Duangpatra Bodiratnangkura who steadily worked to transform it into the wonder that is today is. Commenting on the project, Duangpatra or ‘Dang’ as she prefers to be called said, “I want to deliver homes that are peculiar and anomalous in terms of architecture.” She further added, “I’m thinking outside of the box—literally.”


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