This is what $1.3 million gets you in London – The city’s thinnest home that is just 6 feet wide

If Illinois’s skinny house measuring just 3 feet wide on one side surprised you then there are more such surprising houses coming your way like this London home that is only 5ft 5ins wide. In Shepherd’s Bush, West London, the five-story property is the thinnest house in London that has gone on the market in Shepherd’s Bush for nearly $1,235,000. Situated between two shops on Goldhawk Road with 1,034 sq ft of internal modern space, the lower ground floor features a dining room with double-height glazed doors. Outside you will find the patio, plus a small kitchen with a dark green AGA and shaker-style cabinets. Move up to the ground floor, and a small reception room awaits you along with one bedroom, a study, and a roof terrace on the first floor. The second floor is a dressing room and shower room, while a second bedroom sits on the third floor. No matter the narrowness of this home, it is tastefully done with stylish additions like an Art Deco bath, parquet flooring, plush and contemporary interiors. Elements like a Nest-controlled central heating system, a glass-roofed dining room with glass doors opening to the landscaped patio, a spiral wood staircase linking the rooms make this house especially endearing. The house may not seem very wide, but it is very cleverly designed, making most of the spaces enough to fit a bathtub in one of the bathrooms. Large voids and high glass windows give it enough openness.

The external facade is painted in blue and still features a shop front with a bowler-hat-shaped lamp in the window (the place started life as a hat shop). The property was also the home of fashion photographer Juergen Teller in the 1990s. Simon Waller is currently handling it at Winkworth, who said it is the smallest house in London.

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[Via: The Sun]

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