Sold for $270,000 and measuring just 3 feet wide on one side this could very well be the skinniest house on the planet

The skinny house is not just skinny it’s confusing. Some might think it’s more of a hallway than a house and some could proudly boast their sedan is more comfortable with a 6 feet width. The skinny house is getting famous (but not liked) for its shrunken size and very interesting architecture. The unusual house is located in Deerfield, Illinois and is thought to be ‘famous’ among locals. It is also known as Pie House as much like a slice of pie, it’s smaller at one end (only 3 feet wide) and gradually gets wider towards the other side. The weird pie house is currently on the market for just under $270,000. About the home, it offers over 1600 square feet of living space including the finished basement; featuring two bedrooms, with one located in the basement, as well as two and a half baths.

The pie house has now gained popularity after making an appearance on TikTok (where else?) and the video has now been viewed more than one million times. TikTok user charlieweissman12 explains in the video that the piece of land the home was built on was a triangular plot which also resulted in an awkwardly shaped house.

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[Via: Redfin]

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