Review: Jaguar F-type R Coupe: Looks, sound and performance to die for

Aren’t you the silent type who kickboxes with stilettos? Then the Jaguar F-Type Coupe is definitely to your liking. With this sexy beast, you can chase corners like a cat chases a ball of wool. It is fast, precise, and looks stunning while doing that. I took the fastest version of this beast out for a long spin, and when I had satisfied my craving for the need for speed, I discovered these ten things about the Jaguar F-TYPE R Coupé.

jaguar-f-type-r-coupe-0510. Summer Love
Last year I was spoiled with the Jaguar F-TYPE S roadster (convertible), with S meaning ‘Sport’. This version spoiled me with a big V6 engine and over 380 horsepower. However, I wanted more, and now it has arrived. The F-TYPE R coupe, with the R for ‘Race’. I was delighted with a 5.0 V8 under the hood and 550 horsepower, which transported adrenalin to the rear wheels. As soon as I started it, in a matter of minutes, I forgot my last year’s summer love, the F-TYPE S.

jaguar-f-type-r-coupe-029. Thinking about my driving license
I really need to stay away from a circuit because my racing license is almost burning a hole in my pocket. And the highway isn’t a racetrack, so my mantra of today will be: “My driving license is not a racing license”. The Jaguar F-TYPE R Coupe is no diehard racer or supercar material, but the speed secretly gives me the feeling that you dont need a circuit to let her rip.

jaguar-f-type-r-coupe-048. Green and mean …
Even tree huggers who swear by the hybrids and invariably vote for the Greens and aim for Tesla as their dream car will be wild about the Jaguar F-TYPE R Coupe, Believe me. Even they understand when getting in the car, a ritual takes place where environment lovers will themselves turn the eco button off and start the party.

jaguar-f-type-r-coupe-097. Love tunnels
While driving as a DJ, I slide open the dynamic mode and press the sport button to unleash the R Coupé beast. Instantly the suspension is harder, the steering heavier, and the acceleration faster. I quickly shift up to 4,000 rpm and push the accelerator just a millimeter further. This causes the engine to speed rapidly and makes the F-TYPE R respond with a baritone symphony of sound, which even the Chicago Symphony Orchestra can’t compete to. I need to find a tunnel with this car! Once I arrived, the tunnel echo took care of the rest. I could see other drivers twisting their necks, quickly putting their car windows down, and turning the radio off to enjoy the F-TYPE orchestra with me. This feeling is priceless!

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jaguar-f-type-r-coupe-076. Tender Love and Drive
The number plate on the Femme Frontal test car says it all, the Jaguar sports coupe is designed with love and built to drive. The design of the Jaguar F-TYPE R Coupe is downright elegant and sensual. Uncomplicated as well; what you see is what you get. With a beautiful roofline, a ruggedly handsome face, and buttocks to say wiggle wiggle too.

jaguar-f-type-r-coupe-035. Beware, swings out
Boy, she is fast, a sprint to 60 mph takes the Jaguar F-TYPE R Coupe just 4.0 seconds, and the top speed is electronically locked at 186 mph. These figures beg for some trashing. And when I press the pedal to the metal, I discover that the Jaguar F-TYPE R Coupé deserves the stamp ‘beware’. I am whooping around and need to tame the wiggling Jaguars’ ass. Burn baby burn; this R Coupé is monstrously good!

jaguar-f-type-r-coupe-064. Safety first
The Jaguar F-TYPE R Coupe has some well-balanced braking power. Means that, even at high speed, I can brake rapidly and smoothly without ending up with the Jaguar logo stamped on my face.

jaguar-f-type-r-coupe-0123. Roadster or Coupe, S or R?
If the Jaguar F-TYPE S roadster (convertible) is cool, the F-TYPE R Coupe is über cool! It sticks (in my opinion) just a tad better on the asphalt and is slightly faster than the roadster. But hey, you really have to be a car freak to notice the difference. If you use your car purely for commuting, then looking at the engine, handling and economy, I would recommend the S Coupe or maybe even the “normal” F-Type Coupe, which delivers around 340 hp. The looks differ with the dual exhaust pipes on either side of the R, its calipers, and bold side skirts. The interiors also look different, and besides the extra horsepower, the suspension is stiffer in the R Coupe. To put it simply: the F-TYPE Coupe is a sexy ride, the F-TYPE S Coupe is a hot ride, and the F-TYPE R Coupe is a stunning ride.

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jaguar-f-type-r-coupe-082. Travel light
Although the F-Type Coupe offers more trunk space than the F-TYPE roadster, so, traveling light is a necessity. The trunk is slightly larger than a sock drawer and offers just enough room for two small flat suitcases. I must say that sitting behind the wheel or being a passenger is also a tight squeeze. My pumps fit in a small compartment in the center console behind the driver’s seat. And the handbag, well, it just has to sit on your passenger’s lap. I would say: buy mini (deodorant, lipstick, comb, perfume) and put them, together with your credit card, in a clutch because that will be the only way to store it in the car.

jaguar-f-type-r-coupe-0131. Buy State Lottery Tickets
In the meanwhile, I can entertain myself for hours, days, weeks, if not years, with this party animal from Jaguar. I am already starting to stack lottery tickets in my desk drawer to chase that dream because all that speed and style will cost you a jackpot.
– Jaguar F-TYPE R Coupé as of $99,000
– Jaguar F-TYPE S Coupé as of $77,000
– Jaguar F-Type Coupe as of $65,000

jaguar-f-type-r-coupe-010Femme Frontal drove the Jaguar F-TYPE R Coupe with a value of $145,000. It has options like a sunroof (hello sun) and cuddled leather (thanks to Bertha 200). How many La Dresses, Jimmy Choo’s, and MINI’s can you buy with that?


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