Review: Putting to test the cutting-edge KeraStraight hair treatment at Pastels Salon Dubai

Long been one of the favourite salons in Dubai of fashion editors and beauty junkies alike, Pastels Salon Dubai has actually tugged right at our heartstrings due to its stellar service and incredible mastery in the beauty arena. I recently tried the swish Al Wasl branch and can’t stop raving about it!

The treatment I opted for was the KeraStraight treatment. Now if you are familiar with keratin treatment, forget everything you thought you knew about these because the latest next-generation treatment – the KeraStraight KS Ultimate – changes everything! Kind to the hair, boasting unrivalled results and with no waiting time, KeraStraight KS Ultimate actually boasts 33% more power, to work faster and provide enhanced shine and repair.

I sat in the chair for over 30 minutes while the formula worked its magic on my mane and then it was carefully and painstakingly blow-dried into my hair. After another rinse and rough-dry, the stylist straightened my hair like I would normally at home, but with a pair of KeraStraight irons complete with tourmaline technology to really seal in the keratin-infused goodness.

Rather than rely on harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, KeraStraight KS Ultimate employs active ingredients, namely the innovative KS Complex, to encourage the re-building of keratin, which in turn repairs and strengthens the hair shaft to leave hair revitalised and with an incredible shine. I was told that during the treatment, the KS Complex blends with the hair on your head, dramatically improving its quality on both the inside cortex and the outside cuticle layers. Smaller keratin molecules boost strength, elasticity and moisture to deliver smooth, soft, and straight hair, while larger keratin molecules protect against environmental effects such as UV rays, smog, and smoke.

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KS ULTIMATE combines speed, ease and simplicity with KeraStraight’s award winning straightening and repairing proteins, to deliver hair that is rebuilt and strengthened beyond compare

Endorsed by hair industry guru, Trevor Sorbie, the KeraStraight KS Ultimate treatment can be applied to ANY hair type over ANY previous chemical treatment, including virgin, coloured, highlighted or permed hair, and the results can last for up to four months. KS ULTIMATE combines speed, ease and simplicity with KeraStraight’s award winning straightening and repairing proteins, to deliver hair that is rebuilt and strengthened beyond compare.

Gone are the days when you’d have to keep the greasy formula on your hair for 24 hours – this is a same-day treatment and totally worthy of game-changer status.

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Right now, my once over-worked tresses feel hydrated like never before, every single split end and brittle strand is fortified and that halo of unsightly frizz I battled with every day is gone.

Now, I no longer have to set aside a whole evening to wash my hair, set my alarm for 5:30 to straighten it or risk burning my scalp (yes, that’s happened more times than I care to remember #thickhairproblems) all after letting loose with a hair-dryer for at least an hour. In its place is a silk-like feel that I simply can’t get enough of, a glossy shine to rival a Herbal Essences model, and more importantly, I’ve been given my time back and hence, cannot recommend Pastels Salon enough for totally acing the treatment like a boss, achieving and delivering a 100 per cent result, like they are known to!

Where: 1186 Al Wasl Rd – Umm Suqeim – Umm Suqeim 2 – Dubai

Phone: 04 388 3534


Note: The salon hosted the critic, but all the opinions expressed herewith are her own.

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