Dont like the view? You can change it. Dubai to get the world’s first rotating hotel

Dubai’s latest skyscraper project is unlike any you’ve ever seen before! If things go according to plan, the building will be sectioned off into individually rotating levels. And this isn’t even a particularly new idea. The idea was proposed by architect David Fisher back in 2008 and will become a reality in 2020.

The building will be a 1,375ft high, 80-storey hotel capable of completing a 360 degree rotation. Floor to ceiling glass windows ensure guests can take advantage of the view. The rotation will supposedly be voice activated. Theoretically guests could follow the movement of the sun and watch both sunrise and sunset from the same room.

In a bid to be energy efficient, the building will also boast wind turbines between each floor and solar panels on the roof. The hotel is being called the Dynamic Tower Hotel and is a project by the Dynamic Architecture group. Their website says: “This dynamic experience will offer exclusive services, luxurious accommodation and facilities for the traveller with the most cutting-edge technologies, whether for business or leisure. Dynamic Hotel guests will have the choice of spacious luxury suites or excellently appointed deluxe rooms and the benefit of exceptional service delivered by one of the world’s leading hospitality companies.”

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