Why buy a superyacht when you can permanently live on a megayacht twice the size of Jeff Bezos’ Koru? This 1063-foot long Goliath will feature 132 cabins, multiple swimming pools, world-renowned chefs, a wine cellar, submersibles, and a well-equipped medical facility.

A ship so good you wanna live on it forever? We got you covered! Ulyssia Residences AG has unveiled a massive concept for a residential superyacht at the recent Palm Beach International Boat Show 2024. This 1063-foot vessel will be woven with designs by renowned designer Espen Øino and shipbuilding giant Meyer Werft. While the images already speak volumes of the unparalleled lifestyle, it is worth noting that guests will be having the time of their life cruising between glamorous yacht marinas, visiting iconic cities, and even exploring the most secluded corners of the globe. Ulyssia will include 132 cabins and feature abodes ranging from 166 square meters to over 1,400 square meters in one to six-bedroom configurations.

The larger accommodations will impress owners with reception rooms, open-plan kitchens, and massive private terraces. For the occasions where you want to invite friends to witness your grand home and world-class living, guest cabins will be made available for extended family and friends. EYOS Expeditions will hop aboard, pun intended, as the project’s “expedition partner”. Interiors penned by FM Architettura look lavish, inviting, and very chic.

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As Ulyssia is a residential superyacht, health, and wellness are paramount. Swiss-based Chenot which operates wellness centers in Asia and Europe will be the backbone of the health and wellness activities including a spa, sports and fitness center, and dental care.

The presence of a well-equipped medical facility with high-quality equipment such as X-rays, MRI, CT scanners, endoscopy, and ultrasound equipment ensures residents will be well looked after. The ultimate purpose of choosing to be on a superyacht with omnipresent luxuries is to live a comfortable and coveted life. For this reason, the gigantic ship boasts a well-stocked signature wine cellar, a collection of restaurants with noteworthy guest chefs, a fully-equipped yacht club, a marina, a dive center, and submersibles.

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The zone to unwind is found indoors as well as outdoors, with several pools dotting the yacht. Entertainment is abundant, with a theater, extensive library, and several conference rooms. A resident helicopter ensures rapid transport to and fro adventures.

According to Boat International, ownership is in the form of a 50-year transferable and renewable lease, with the annual cost of ownership projected to be between three to 3.5 percent of the purchase cost.

[All images via Boat International]

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