A digital studio on wheels – Loaded with Apple gear this $324,000 trailer is just apt for digital nomad couples.

Creative work can seldom happen in enclosed spaces. For those who believe in staying mobile to channel their creativity, the Living Vehicle Creative Studio is what the doctor ordered. Studio quality work can now be accomplished outside your studio thanks to the studio on wheels featuring the highest-end Apple products that provide a dedicated, professional-grade workspace wherever you go. As long as you have a full-sized pickup to tow it, you can go wherever you like with this avant-garde portable office/apartment. Making this transition easy is the company’s proprietary LVenergy system.

The system harvests enough power to supply the unit’s many needs. The energy sources onboard are solar, alternator, shore, and generator, making it an ideal pick for sunny locales. The LV Creative Studio’s highlight is the Mac Studio option. The space will come equipped with the latest from Apple, like dual Apple Pro Display 6K XDRs, 16” MacBook Pro, Wireless Magic Apple Keyboard & Trackpad, etc.

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“The Living Vehicle Creative Studio is outfitted with state-of-the-art technology from Apple,” shared Peta Pixel. “These products allow modern professionals, who are heavily reliant on powerful hardware, to perform their job at a high level, and to do so from anywhere.” Other than an array of Apple products, the studio flaunts Genelec’s ‘The Ones’ ultra-near field studio monitors, wired headsets by Beyer Dynamic, and Logitech’s 4K Pro Magnetic webcam. The LV creative studio also packs in comfort features such as an entertainment system, air conditioning, and a washing machine. Once the workday ends, a simple motion lowers all equipment out of sight to reveal the queen bed in a blink. All work and no play is not the idea promoted here.

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[Via: Peta Pixel]

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