A hotel suite on wheels – Take a look inside this $1.7m luxury motorhome that comes with a full bathroom, master bedroom and a garage for your supercar

Road trips are probably on every persona bucket list, except mine. I find them terrifying; they are restrictive in terms of space and movement which seems physically exhausting, it can be incredibly boring to be confined to a seat for hours and days on end. Food, showers, coffee, and comfort are not something everyone can do without. However, for the comfort-seeking ilk, there is great hope in the form of the 1200 series from the German developer Vario Mobil. Redefining motorhomes and road trips this ultra-luxurious transport vehicle, costing over $1.7 million is a beautiful piece of real estate built onto a triple-axle Mercedes chassis. Intelligent lighting, incomparable audio quality, three electro-hydraulic slide-outs, all the appliances you need to call it home, and a garage that’s huge enough to bring your wheels along if you feel like to take a smaller vehicle for a spin! Let’s explore the Perfect 1200 Platinum, one of the most opulent motorhomes ever:

This premium leisure vehicle spans 12 meters in length, weighs 26 tonnes, and costs approximately over $1.7 million. The cabin is opulent; some might call it a villa-on-wheels.

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The luxurious motorhome by manufacturer Vario Mobil not only brings ample space and comfort inside the rooms and living area but also in the rear garage that’s big enough to house your supercar with ease.

The sprawling living room is the first thing one notices on entering the Perfect 1200. It comprises of a wide aisle that is divided spaciously amongst the comfortable lounge area, a dining nook, and kitchen.

Where else will you find a motorhome that comes with a hallway to get to the bathroom and bedroom? This 39 footer motorhome gives you the sense of being in an actual home thanks to its scale and decor.

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Variomobil’s optional “CubeArt” kitchen is a space dedicated to culinary artists on the move! It offers everything you need to stir up more than a decent meal right from a dual-burner induction cooktop, sink with a modern designer faucet, and stacks of drawers with illuminated handles and push-to-open security the kitchen area has it all.

The bedroom is cozy, stunning, and furnished like a top-end hotel suite. The bedroom comes with a spacious 108-sq-ft (10-sq-m) floor plan that holds storage spaces above the bed, ambient light fixtures, and mirrored doors to give a bigger sense of space. It also comes with a sofa.

A couple steps down the hallway and you will find the sumptuous bathroom. Much like all other parts of the RV, the bathroom too impresses with its grandeur of enclosed shower, toilet, sink, and even a little legroom.

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