A yacht on wheels – This ultra-luxurious German motorhome comes with an onboard garage for your Ferrari, a master suite bedroom, a full-fledged kitchen, and much more

This year’s Düsseldorf Caravan Salon will see the public debut of an ultra-luxury motorhome by a new German company named Dembell. Created with the intention to be the world’s most luxurious land yacht, the Dembell motorhome rides on a three-axle Mercedes chassis, features three expandable modules, and offers amenities one can only expect to find in a superyacht.

The uber-luxe interior of the Dembell motorhome is the work of the same Italian design team that’s responsible for creating the beautiful interior designs of Azimut yachts. Semi-transparent glass doors separate the different rooms inside the motorhome. The master suite can be easily extended beyond “full-beam” width with the help of a slide-out expansion module and features a 79 x 79-in bed along with a 55-inch TV.

The company offers a big list of decor choices, including director-style folding dining chairs, wall sconces, a ceramic toilet and vessel sink, ambient lighting, stone bathroom trim, and leather sofa upholstery. The floor of the motorhome runs flat from front to back, offering a uniform ceiling height of 2 meters. The living area gets to slide-out modules, comfortably expanding the interior space.

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The kitchen appliances are all supplied by Miele, including the induction cooktop, oven, 224-L refrigerator, dishwasher, and microwave, while the luxury motorhome gets a home theater system by Bose that works in tandem with another 55-inch TV mounted to the wall in the living area. The front cabin has captain’s seats for the driver and three passengers, which get spring suspension and massage function. The air-conditioned driver’s cab also has a 63 x 79-in lift-away queen bed. The Dembell motorhome can also stay off the grid thanks to roof-mounted solar panels, onboard generator, and 1,000-L freshwater tank.

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Inspired by race-day motorhomes, the exterior styling of the Dembell motorhome appears sporty thanks to its monotone look and a red racing stripe that runs the entire length, underlining the tinted window line. The highlight of the luxury land yacht is its tender garage that has enough space to fit a sports coupe with a length of 177 inches or less. Dembell used the Ferrari California as an example for the garage, and it looks perfect with the racing-inspired exterior styling. The Dembell motorhome will make its first public appearance at the Düsseldorf Caravan Salon which opens on 27 August. There’s no word on the pricing as of yet, but we expect it to be close to $2 million.

[Via: New Atlas]

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