Complete with a UV water purifier, outdoor kitchen, and a barbeque grill – This Canadian luxury motorhome is perfect for off-grid adventures.

Loki Basecamp is a Canada-based adventure lifestyle brand that builds fully customizable, off-the-grid slide-in campers for midsize and full-size pickup trucks. The truck-attached high-end four-season pods are “ready for the most extreme adventures and a perfect fit for any lifestyle,” as claimed by the company. Although they are exorbitantly priced, the luxurious yet robust campers are loaded with innovation and versatility. After showcasing its upcoming EV series with slide-in campers for electric trucks, the Canadian startup has now branched out to the other end of the camping spectrum by introducing the XL coach series. The new line of class A motorhomes packs all the qualities that are associated with the brand’s slide-in campers and elevate them to a whole new level.

The company revealed the first example that was recently completed for the initial customer by heavily modifying a Prevost X3 45 VIP three-axles touring coach. Loki completely transformed it into a motorhome that’s packed with impressive off-grid capabilities for adventure-filled trips while featuring all of the amenities you would find in a luxurious apartment. Preserving the Loki Basecamp DNA, the motorhome has been completely insulated to an R16 rating. Furthermore, it features heated floors throughout the unit along with a powerful multi-A/C system, making it extremely versatile and capable. With onboard domotics, the owner can easily manage energy and access utility controls as well.

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The luxurious interior is thoroughly modern and gets all the amenities. The kitchen is equipped with a full-size fridge, dishwasher, microwave oven, induction cooktop & UV water purifier, while there’s a custom outdoor kitchen as well that is outfitted with a flat-screen TV, BBQ, and 12V fridge. There’s a rooftop hatch that provides access to the rooftop tent, deck & sport utility racks. The adventure-focused motorhome is fitted with a commercial grade lift and the interior layout has been designed to be wheelchair-friendly. The coach is powered by a Volvo D13 six-cylinder engine with 1,850lb-ft of torque, which is enough to take you to whatever destination you choose to explore. There’s no word on the pricing, though.

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