The $130,000 luxurious camper from Germany will let you enjoy the RV life not only on land but also on open waters

The idea of building an amphibious vehicle that can operate as a boat and an RV is not new. In fact, we’ve seen several pretty impressive examples over the years, including the Terra Wind luxury motorhome. However, if you’re looking for something that’s not gigantic but offers the benefits of a small boat and a camper then you should have a look at this RV. Called the Caracat 860, this amphibious caravan is the creation of a German company called Schneider Caravaning. You might have that the name of the RV is an amalgamation of the words caravan and catamaran, which is exactly what the Caracat 860 is. The amphibious vehicle will you camp on both land and water.

The Caracat 860 is available in three different sizes, ranging from 6.6 meters to 8.6 meters. Which means it can easily be towed by a truck or an SUV on land. Interestingly, the caravan can be seen towed by a Mercedes-Benz G-Class in the pictures resealed by the company, because why not! For propulsion on water, the Caracat is equipped with a modest 8hp Torqeedo electric motor for clean, quiet operation on lakes. However, the company does offer the choice to upgrade the caravan with more electric or diesel power, up to around 100 hp.

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According to New Atlas, the range-topping 8.6m model comes equipped with a Victron 220-Ah AGM leisure battery, 200-W solar panel, 32-A shore power hookup, Garmin 722 XS GPS/chart plotter, Truma air/water heater, and a Domestic air conditioner. Other amenities include an entertainment system with retractable LED smart TV and Bluetooth audio system. The interior is decked out in plush leather and Alcantara, while it also features teak flooring. As far as the floor plan goes, the Caracat gets a toilet and bath, kitchen, and sofa lounges that convert into sleeping areas. Additionally, it also gets a pop-up sleeper roof. The Caracat is manufactured in Turkey and the pricing starts at around $130,000.

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