Complete with a full kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and massaging seats – This $1.25 million ultra-luxe motorhome even packs a small garage for a compact car.

Back in August, German luxury motorhome maker Dembell revealed its flagship product, the Dembell Motorhome M, at the 2021 edition of the Düsseldorf Caravan Salon. Built on a three-axle Mercedes chassis, the ultra-luxurious land yacht is not only packed with top-shelf features and creature comforts but also gets an uber-luxe interior designed by the same Italian design team responsible for creating the beautiful interior designs of Azimut yachts. One of the highlights of the Dembell Motorhome M is its integrated tender garage, which is offered in three different sizes. While the smallest one is only big enough to fit a couple of bikes, the biggest garage option has enough space for a Ferrari California or a similarly-sized supercar. However, the mid-sized option is for those who want to carry their more practical smart car on the road trip. Beverly-Hills-based YouTube influencer Enes Yilmazer who recently gave us a closer look at Volkner’s Mobil Performance S motorhome recently has now made a video on the Dembell Motorhome M optioned with the mid-size garage.

The Motorhome M is powered by a 12.8-liter V12 engine that is capable of producing 530 hp. In terms of dimensions, the land yacht measures 12 meters long, 2.5 meters wide, and 4 meters high; but that’s without the slide-outs extended outwards. The entry to the small garage is located at the rear end. The video by Enes gives us a glimpse of the garage with a Smart Fortwo hatchback parked in it. The YouTuber also notes that the Motorhome M’s design is different from the similarly-priced motorhomes, which tend to feature old-school, traditional styling. In contrast, the German motorhome looks very modern with its clean and clutter-free styling and its monotone paint scheme.

The Motorhome M model showcased in the video is priced at $1.25 million and comes with a lot of optional extras, including the Smart Fortwo, which is painted in matching colors. In addition to that, it also gets customized toiletries, cutlery, and glassware. Described as the “most futuristic” ever, the land yacht gets heated windows, a heated and motorized toilet, and a motorized towing winch that helps in parking the car inside the stainless steel garage. The four seats in the cockpit are heated, cooled, and have a massage function. The secondary berth over the cabin lowers hydraulically to offer a queen-size bed. It also comes with solar panels on the roof to charge the batteries for off-the-grid motoring. Have a look at the video; the Dembell Motorhome M is wicked!

[More info at Dembell via – Autoevolution]

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