Airstream partners with Mercedes Benz to create a luxury touring coach

Ohio-based coachbuilder, Airstream, has been building compact touring motor-homes in collaboration with Mercedes Benz since 2010. Named the ‘Interstate,’ it might not be the most luxurious RV on offer, but Airstream has decided to go upscale by introducing an upgraded and feature-rich version of it. The 2014 Airstream Interstate made a public debut at the Los Angeles Motor Show on Tuesday. The newest offering features substantial upgrades from the 2013 model and now comes with a collision warning system, lane-keeping alert, and parking sensors.

The new Interstate motor-home is built on the 2014 Mercedes Benz Sprinter platform and has a more aggressive front with a sharper grille sporting chrome accents and HID headlights. It is powered by the proven 188-hp, 325-lb-ft 3.0 liter turbodiesel V-6, which returns a fuel economy of upwards of 20mpg. The premium RV will be offered in two trim levels with different overall lengths, just as before. On the inside, the cabin is accentuated with an all-new 22-inch Samsung flat-screen TV fitted with a Blu-Ray player, which a Kenwood Multimedia System further supplements. The motor home can seat a total of nine passengers, but for sleeping, it accommodates only two. The prices have gone up by $20,000 for the 2014 model line-up, with the base model starting at $146,300.

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[Via – Trucktrend]

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