A real king of the roads – The Lamborghini Urus 6×6

Auto enthusiasts, competition and everyone from the Middle East to Russia is waiting with baited breath for the Lamborghini to launch their SUV the ‘Urus’. As radical as an SUV from Lamborghini sounds, imagine what if the Italian marquee were to make a 6×6 version. Mercedes has one, the G63 AMG 6×6 and clearly its the wackiest street legal SUV out there and has a street presence that can intimidate anyone and everything except a M1 Abrams battle tank. But, what if Lamborghini were to create a 6×6 version of the Urus? This is the thought that hit the good guys over at Lambo cars and the above is what they came up with.

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Inspired from the Mercedes-Benz 6×6, they have used it as a base and added the curves and the aggressive design of the Urus concept. A blacked out body with red accents on the wheels it gives a very menacing look.Its highly unlikely that Lamborghini would do something as radical as this, but it will not stop deep pocketed enthusiasts from approaching tuners to turn their Lamborghini Urus into something like this or even more mean.

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[ Lambocars Via Carscoops ]