Seized by the US, Russian tycoon Suleiman Kerimov’s 348 feet long Amadea superyacht has been spotted cruising aimlessly around San Diego. For more than a year American tax payers are paying $34,000 each day just to maintain and refuel the billionaire’s vessel.

Via Facebook / @Sergey Egorov

Suleiman Kerimov’s luxury vessel Amadea was in the news for so much action that it was hard to keep up. That was a year ago. Since being impounded in San Diego, all the action was put to rest with nearly no news of the once glorious $325 million megayacht. But this is Amadea we are talking about, a pleasure craft so splendid it makes news for not making news. The ship was spotted aimlessly cruising around San Diego Bay which sounds unalarming, but one cannot ignore the 348-footer is doing so on American taxpayer’s money.

Amadea docked in San Diego.Via Facebook / @Sergey Egorov

Ever since its seizure in May 2022, when the United States won the legal battle to seize the ship in Fiji, the American taxpayers splurged a whopping $110,000 daily, bringing the total of an enormous $13 million so far in just maintaining the Russian billionaire’s asset.

Via Youtube / @CBS 8 San Diego

He may deny owning this floating mansion, but the US firmly believes the yacht belongs to Suleiman Kerimov, who has a knack for hiding his wealth. The tycoon has done the same with other crafts in the past.

He once put his Swiss accountant, a man named Alexander Studhalter as the owner of UK properties owned by him. In the case of the Amadea yacht, Eduard Khudainatov, former chairman and CEO of Kremlin-controlled energy giant Rosneft, was named owner.

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The main deck saloon of Amadea.Via Charterworld

This is also a crucial reason why the US hasn’t put up the vessel for auction, as they still need more information to pin billionaire Kerimov as the actual owner of the boat. Amadea motoryacht arrived in San Diego in June of last year. It’s been docked off Pepper Park in National City ever since.

An aerial view of the aft decks.Via Charterworld

The six-decker megayacht is a lesson in fabulous shipbuilding. The millions are well spent on a ship that flaunts a luxurious owner’s suite, massive guest cabins, and well-designed dining rooms and lounges. Some fixtures unique to this pleasure craft are a galley on the top deck, copper pots and pans, a huge grill area, and live lobster tanks. The night comes alive in Amadea’s party space comprising 20,000 Watts built-in speakers, lights, and lasers. And if the bash needs more space, then the spa pool converts into a stage.

The master suite jacuzzi.Via Charterworld

The ship’s winter patio is an enchanting space laced with ferns and painted with lianas. The dining area seats 24. That explains why the upkeep of this mammoth is expensive and best afforded by billionaires.

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Via Charterworld

Aesthetics apart, Amadea brings aboard high insurance costs, the costs of maintaining a skeleton crew, and the engines need to keep running for the sake of its lavish decor.

Suleiman Kerimov

Suleiman Kerimov is a business magnate worth $7.84 billion-
Sanctioned oligarch Suleiman Kerimov is as bright as he is rich. The businessman has more than a few tricks up his sleeve to evade authorities and hide his gargantuan mountain of wealth. Kerimov has left nothing unattempted, from pushing forward straw owners to naming a Swiss tattoo artist as a company owner that transferred over $300m to his firm. BBC stated a fantastic $ 700 million worth of transactions, and the ownership of luxury properties went undetected. Kerimov was the secret owner of properties on the French Riviera and in London, including the most expensive terraced property ever sold in the UK. He lost his $71 million, 215-foot superyacht Lady M and a Sardinian property worth $116 million to sanctions. The Polyus boss tried his best to save Amadea, and the journey will be long remembered, but there is only so much fate can favor you.

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