Aston Martin DBX SUV previewed before 2019 launch, will lock horns with the Lamborghini Urus

Aston Martin has finally given us the first look of its highly anticipated SUV by revealing a set of photographs of an early prototype along with confirming its official name. It will be called Aston Martin DBX. The British performance car manufacturer is expected to debut the production variant late next year, suggesting that it will be launched as a 2020 model. The DBX will be built at Aston Martin’s new St. Athan factory in the U.K with the production beginning somewhere in the middle of 2019. In terms of the design, the prototype’s fascia seems to have borrowed design cues from the company’s entry-level sports car, the Aston Martin Vantage. While the squinty-eyed headlamps and big, gaping grille look goon on the Vantage, they somehow look out of place on the DBX.

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While the camouflage livery in black and yellow on the prototype hide most of the important design elements of the car’s exterior, it does give us a faint idea of the overall design. The ducktail-like integrated spoiler probably is one the worst design features. Maybe, the DBX might look appealing once the camouflage is off revealing the real deal; we can only hope for the best. We’re also probably looking at a very early prototype of the DBX, which means the final design might look a lot different. The pictures of the DBX were shot at a Welsh rally stage, where the car was tested in challenging off-road condition. Aston plans to test the sporty DBX in other environments where it wants it to excel, including the iconic Nurburgring.

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