This Influencer is surprised when his million-dollar supercars receive the first-class experience on Emirates. [Video]

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When it comes to first-class air travel, Emirates is known for offering unmatched flight experience. In fact, Emirates’ first-class cabin is often considered one of the best in the business. Not really a surprise, right? But what if I tell you that the Dubai-based airline company also offers the same kind of unparalleled first-class experience for supercar owners looking to transport their prized possessions across the globe? Well-known automotive lifestyle content creator James Walker, popularly known as Mr JWW, recently added a new video on his YouTube channel documenting his experience bringing his McLaren Senna and Porsche 911 back to the UK from Dubai with the help of Emirates. The entire video is about how the airline company provides a first-class flight experience for a supercar, making it incredibly easy and satisfying for the owner.

Via Youtube / @Mr JWW

The video begins with Walker talking about how the two supercars have been in Dubai for the last eight months and the reason why he decided to fly them back to the UK to unite them with other exotic automobiles owned by him. Having collaborated with Emirates in the past, Walker gave the airline company a call to avail its bespoke cargo service and safely transport his supercars.

Via Youtube / @Mr JWW

Called Emirates Sky Wheels, it’s a door-to-door cargo and delivery service for supercars that also allows owners to fly with their vehicles on the same flight. Walker even shares footage of him looking out of the aircraft window to see a Pagani Zonda F being loaded into the cargo area.

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Via Youtube / @Mr JWW

However, the Senna and the vibrant 911 GT3 made their journey back home in a cargo Boeing 777 instead of a passenger jet, which somehow feels more special. Transporting a supercar across continents is a logistical nightmare but Walker talks about how incredibly simple Emirates makes the whole process, which includes copious amounts of paperwork. The airline company does it all for you so that you don’t have to run around.

Via Youtube / @Mr JWW

Next, Walker discusses how smooth the whole process is which begins by booking a desired slot with Emirates. It is followed by Emirates working with a logistics partner whose job is to safely pick up the car and prepare it for transportation. This part of the process is more crucial and difficult than many would think, which is why it’s important for only experts with years of experience to take care of it.

Via Youtube / @Mr JWW

Once the supercar reaches the airport, it is loaded on a pallet where it stays put till it reaches its destination. Obviously, all the flammable fluids have to be drained out of the vehicle before its loaded onto the aircraft which is done with the help of the scissor lift. The cargo area inside the aircraft has a floor with massive rollers on which the pallet slides to its designated place. The whole process of loading the supercar looks like a beautifully orchestrated dance.

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Via Youtube / @Mr JWW

Finally, the supercars reach Heathrow airport within just 7 hours of being loaded onto the aircraft, where they are received by Walker. Although Emirates can have them delivered to the owner’s doorsteps, it’s oddly therapeutic to watch the car slide around on the pallet. I’ll suggest you have a look at the video. It’s pretty incredible!

Via Instagram / @mrjww

Who is Mr JWW?
James Walker, aka Mr JWW, is a British social media influencer who is best known for making engaging online content themed around exotic cars. He started out by uploading videos on YouTube back in 2015 shot using an iPhone. However, he quickly became famous across the globe after finding success as an automotive vlogger thanks to his unique and compelling content. Presently, his YouTube channel alone has around 750,000 subscribers and around 160 million views. Beyond making content for various social media platforms, Walker also writes for The Sunday Times and runs a successful fashion and textile company. He also recently opened a supercar detailing business. Being an automotive enthusiast, Walker has a pretty big car collection which includes several McLarens, Porsches, a Tesla, a Praga R1 prototype racing car, and a quirky Volkswagen XL1.

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