Take a look at how Bentley’s are produced – Video

Bentley has been manufacturing uber luxurious automobiles from its headquarters in Crewe, England since the 1940s and rarely does anyone ever get a chance to get behind the doors of the facility to watch the magic happen. Drive in its latest episode of Inside Bentley heads to the Bentley’s production line to check out how these world-class luxury cars are manufactured. At the Crewe factory, the team looks at the production process of the automaker’s most luxurious offering, the Mulsanne.

The current edition of Bentley Mulsanne made its debut in 2010 and the name of the four door luxury saloon is derived from Bentley’s historical racing pedigree. It is powered by a 6.5L twin-turbo V8 engine which produces a peak power of 512PS and 1020Nm of torque. Each Bentley Mulsanne saloon takes close to 12 weeks to produce at the Crewe factory which has only 85 workers who handcraft it. All the craftsmen are extensively trained in their specific job as a lot of the work is done by hand rather than being automated.

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Fifty percent of the welding is done by hand and the crease and joints are hand-rubbed to give it a perfect finish so that it’s absolutely unnoticeable to naked eyes. Before the chassis goes to the paint shop, it’s thoroughly checked under human supervision rather than computers to track slightest imperfections.

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