Bentley has launched a $630 peddle-less bike for toddlers which of all things comes with a disc brake

A few months back, Bentley added an updated version of its $550 trike to its online catalog. With craftsmanship matching that of its cars, the Bentley trike with its six-stage transformable design combines the functionality of a tricycle and a stroller and is suitable for children up to 3 years of age. The British luxury car manufacturer has added a new product to its portfolio for kids that’s the next logical upgrade from the Bentley trike. Meet the Bentley Balance Cycle, a paddle-less bike for kids above the age of 3 that is perfect to teach them to balance on two wheels and help in “building confidence for future adventures.” Inspired by the aerodynamic design of the Continental GT, the Bentley Balance Cycle is four familiar colors: sequin blue, glacier white, onyx black, and dragon red.

The Bentley emblem can be found under the handlebar, imprinted on the back of the seat, and painted on the frame. The seat is wrapped in eco-leather and there’s a carbon fiber pattern at that back for added style and knurling beneath the seat which is meant to provide added grip to the rider. The handlebar grips feature a diamond-quilted pattern to match the leather upholstery in Bentley cars. The bike only weighs 10 pounds thanks to the lightweight magnesium alloy frame, a steel fork, aluminum wheel rims. Interestingly, the tiny bike that measures 36 X 16.7 X 6.2 in also gets an adjustable disc brake for the rear wheel along with a unique safety locking braking system. As for the price, the Bentley Balance Bike can be yours for £450 (approximately $630).

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