Bentley will build 12 replicas of the legendary 1929 4½-liter Team Blower race car

We have already seen plenty of special things done by Bentley over the last 12 months as a part of its ongoing centennial celebration. The last one came in the form of re-creating a one-of-a-kind Bentley Corniche paying tribute to the original that was manufactured and destroyed in 1939. But the British automaker’s newest project is truly special. Bentley has announced an extremely special continuation series of the company’s “most revered heritage car” ever – Sir Tim Birkin’s supercharged 4½-liter Team Blower race car. The original production run didn’t even make it to double digits, making it an extremely rare car. Only four of them were built for Birkin and the boys to race across Europe, including Le Mans. “The four Team Blowers are the most valuable Bentleys in the world, and we know there is demand for genuine recreations that can be used, enjoyed and loved without risk to the prized originals,” Bentley’s Chairman and Chief Executive Adrian Hallmark.

Bentley will completely disassemble Team Blower Chassis No. HB 3404 down to the last nut and bolt to reverse engineer the whole process. Each component will be cataloged and 3D scanned to replicate them and build the continuation cars. Original molds and tooling combined with modern manufacturing techniques will be used for the project and a total of 12 replicas of the Bentley Team Blower race cars will be made – one for each race the original four Team Blowers competed in. Bentley says the continuation cars will be as close to identical to the original car as possible. Because of the exclusivity of the 12 examples, Bentley hasn’t revealed the pricing.


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