Carlsson CS50 Versailles is a gold customization of Mercedes S-Class gone wrong

Every year at different auto shows across the globe, aftermarket customization companies show off their bespoke creations to the world and this year’s Geneva Motor Show is no different. A lot of these customized and personalized vehicles are a treat to the beholders where as some come across as eyesores. There is a fine line between opulence and gaudy, and on many occasions these companies find themselves on the other side on the line. If the gold 2014 Mercedes Benz S63 AMG by Carlex Design was tasteless, this Mercedes S Class wrapped in pure gold inside out is absolutely hideous. The Carlsson CS50 Versailles unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show defies the bounds of ostentation and by far is the most point-less reveal at the show.

Said to be inspired by Louis the Great’s palace, the Carlsson CS50 Versailles has been specially adapted and developed for China’s ultra-wealthy ‘Taipan’ buyers. It features a pure gold exterior which takes more than 200 man-hours to just wrap the bodywork with real wafer-thin gold leaf. The gold treatment doesn’t end there; even the interior of the car is enveloped with gold treatment. Carlsson will make a total of 25 of these gold Mercs with the prices starting at €268,000 ($368,000 approx) out of which 10 have already found owners.

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