An 11-year-old Chinese boy captured the Internet’s attention with an endearing school essay about dreaming to buy a Bentley by age 18 and then settling for a Porsche due to lack of funds

Dreams have no limit and no age, that’s probably what makes them so fun. This thought came to life in an essay penned by an 11-year-old Chinese boy, who innocently wrote about his dreams of making enough money to buy a 3 million-Yuan (US$415,000) Bentley. The primary school student’s aspirational plans to buy a luxury car by age 18 went viral after his teacher shared them on social media. The car-crazy pre-teen, named Fu, started his story with a question: ‘Recently, I’ve been thinking that we need money for everything in our lives. I dream of buying a Bentley, but it costs three to four million Yuan. How can I achieve my dream?’

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The boy, from Zhejiang province in eastern China, also did the math. ‘I have seven years before I turn 18. What can I do in that time to make the money?’ he wrote. ‘If I save 100 Yuan (US$14) every day, I will have tens of thousands of Yuan in seven years, which is not even close to the cost of a Bentley,’ he wrote. Realizing that his plans may still not accumulate enough money for the Bentley and even a 10-yuan reward from his parents for high test scores would be insufficient, he came up with a plan B.

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The popular Bentley Bentayga costs upwards of 4 million RMB ($ 600,000). Via Facebook / @Bentley Motors

In addition to saving money, he also considered working part-time after turning 18. ‘I will receive the yearly lai see (lucky money) from my parents and grandparents for the next couple of years. If I do not spend anything, I think I will have accumulated just 300,000 Yuan (US$41,000),’ the boy wrote in his essay. Clearly a smart boy with a clear vision, he understood that buying a Bentley by 18 was an unrealistic goal, requiring a stable job and a monthly salary.

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Porsche Cayenne. Via Facebook / @Driving Enthusiast

‘I am afraid I won’t be able to realize my dream, so I will have to adjust it and buy a Porsche for one million Yuan instead,’ he concluded. His teacher, Wang, shared the endearing essay, and it struck a chord with netizens, as the article was heartfelt. Per SCMP, the boy’s mother said his father likes cars and shared the hobby with their son. ‘The Lego toys my boy played with were all cars. There are many luxury cars in the garages of our residential community, and when we pass them he often says that he’d like to save money to buy a car in the future,’ his mother was quoted as saying.”

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